Just for one night McDonalds opens a luxury pop up restaurant in Tokyo

‘Eh’? Traditionally, when a gourmet geek sets up a meal to drool over, we react with oohs and aahs. But when the global common man’s staple try to make a cheese burger look like fine-dining gourmet, something of a flatter syllable escapes us – like, eh? When British Airways made a gourmet burger, we could understand the marketing strategy. But McDonald’s going fine dining? That is as absurd a notion as H&M turning Chanel. Yea, revolting right!

But, it has happened. Not yet, but soon enough on July 27 in Tokyo at a ‘special pop-up eatery’ at Roppongi Hills, Restaurant M … for one night only. Why? Because McD wants to ‘boost its image in Japan’. If this is what their market researchers think the Japanese wants, then the credibility of Japanese tastes is highly questionable.

Let’s not judge before the bite. Here is the story.

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Ten groups of 20 lucky winners will get to enjoy this meal of the cen-… in the history of hamburgers. This is a launch pad for the brand’s new summer range of Fresh Mac burgers which will include Bacon Lettuce Burger, Chicken Fillet Burger and Fillet-o-Fish.
On the menu will be a three-course meal, served in silverware, ceramics and glass. Yes, glass, and yes wine glass but no wine – iced tea.
Starters: a platter of patties – cut pieces of burgers/filets with ‘fresh vegetables’, cheese and avocado as toppings and a variety of sauces on the side – no gravy boat. Elegantly placed on plates making you feel like you are savouring hors d’oeuvres with the Eiffel Tour at the back. Hah!
Two exquisite dishes will make you yearn for some good ol’ French fries… oh wait, I meant it will make you reminisce the true culinary delights of French cuisine. Gelée made with Fresh Mac vegetables and a French fry vichyssoise (a thick soup made of pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream and chicken stock. I referred Wikipedia). And gelée is a dessert made with gelatin. On the menu at Restaurant M, you will get gelée with lettuce, avocado and bell pepper in gelatin. Eleganté, you see.
Main course: a ‘Fresh’ Mac burger – not one stored in a science lab for five months.
And finally, dessert: Oreo McFlurry with a topping of berries and served in a glass bowl. Coffee is also available – in a cup and saucer!
It is good to be ambitious, great in fact. But if you are unreasonably, irrationally ambitious, then the sand pit is your only destination finale. Hard truth of life.

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