Inspired by McDonalds the “Junk Food Capsule Collection” by Moschino looks good enough to eat

It doesn’t happen everyday that purses shaped like McDonald’s Happy Meal are offered in a tray at the fashion runway. The “Junk Food Capsule Collection” presented by Moschino at the Milan Fashion Week, modeled the irresistible stylish confections that will leave fashion enthusiasts craving for more. The “Fast Food, Fast Fashion” capsule collection resplendent in red and yellow are inspired by McDonald’s tasty treats. The delicious collection line-up includes a $78 “French Fries” iPhone case, a $1,265 red quilted leather handbag that appears like a hybrid between iconic Happy Meal and Coco Chanel, red sweater with a huge embroidered M and slogan “over 20 Billion served” ($780), T-shirt dress ($350); amongst others.

The Italian luxury house’s new creative director, Jeremy Scott’s love for food doesn’t end with the burger chain. He also paid homage to 90’s iconic brands with a section of dresses styled to be reminiscent of crumpled Froot Loops cereal boxes, Hershey’s chocolate and Cheetos gigantic discarded wrappers.

The fashion kitchen fest also had SpongeBob Squarepants moments, a t-shirt dress with cartoon print of Mr. Funtastik and t-shirt with tagline slogans such as ‘I don’t speak Italian but I speak Moschino’. The collection is available on

After we have gotten a taste of the fashion bites, anyone for a McWrap?

[Via – Purseblog]

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