Trendy or Trashy: Moschino designs a sweatshirt with an actual handbag

Remember those good old kindergarten days when your mum draped your school bag around your neck to keep you from losing it? Seems like designer Jeremy Scott had the same idea when he created this hooded sweatshirt with a quilted handbag hung around the neck. Scott’s first full collection for Moschino is heavily dusted with the designer’s usual sense of humor and love for the outré and this sweatshirt is no exception.

Referencing the popularity of “it” bags and their role as the pièce de résistance of an outfit with the capacity to “make or break” a look, this sweatshirt puts the accessory right on display with no coy concealment of the label. Perhaps this is Scott’s tongue-in-cheek tribute to our increasing fascination with celebrity fashion, or his not-so-inside joke on the current handbag obsession that plagues fashion girls. Either way, this collection is quickly gaining popularity and we think it’s only a matter of time before we see someone like Rihanna, Rita Ora or fashion’s current favorite model Cara Delevingne sporting this sweatshirt.

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The good news for those whose neck hurts just looking at this outfit (that includes us, by the way) is that the bag is detachable and you can absolutely carry your bag around your shoulder if you want. Except that would make spending $3,295 on this wearable social comment a little pointless. Relevant fashion statement? Or trying to hard? You decide.

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