Moschino’s Resort 2016 handbags are literal “It” bags

Moschino can be accused of many things, but not subtlety. The brand that adopted Katy Perry as their new face, is known for creations that straddle the fence between tasteful and tacky. The brand’s resort 2016 collection has maintained this tongue-in-cheek style with a number of eyebrow raising handbags. In fact several of the styles appear to be deliberately at iconic designs from other brands.

A quilted chain strap bag with a rather mangled chain strap appears alongside backpacks inspired by metal frame purses. The folded jacket purse makes a reappearance and there’s also a purse that looks exactly like a high heeled pump. One particularly literal reference is seen in a purse that sports the word “IT” in bold letters on the front while yet another bag is designed to look exactly like the paper shopping bags that your high end purchases come in.
As Purse Blog pointed out, there are one too many Chanel references here to ignore. Moschino’s Jeremy Scott seems to have made his creations a new site for satire.

[Via – Purse Blog]

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