A whopping $18,000 for McDonald’s special sauce

Ever wondered what is it about a McDonald burger that makes your mouth water and try as you may you can never get that taste if you try making a burger at home. It is undoubtedly the sauce that they use.
McDonald’s is selling a bottle of the special sauce that they use on their Big Mac burgers. This 500 ml Limited Edition Big Mac Special Bottle is being auctioned on eBay Australia with the proceeds going to charities that they support to help sick children and their families.

mcdonalds-sauce-1McDonalds has often had queries from customers about where they can purchase the sauce. This trademark sauce is made of relish, mustard, distilled vinegar, onion, garlic and salted egg yolk. The auction will be on till Feb 11th.

mcdonalds-sauce-2Australian customers of McDonald will be able to buy 25ml tubs of this sauce at restaurants around the country in February.

[Via – Luxuo]