This gorgeous retreat in Japan’s Hokkaido mountains is literally what dreams are made of

If you’re in search of an idyllic resort in the mountains, have a look at Yezo – a small, serene and spectacular property situated in the Northern Hokkaido Mountains of Japan. Designed by Japanese architecture studio Laboratory for Explorative Architecture & Design (LEAD), it boasts elements of experimental design and natural inspiration that will undoubtedly blow your mind away.

Built using wood, stone, water, and light in major proportions, the Yezo Retreat is an ideal place for those craving solaces in the lap of nature. It features floor-to-ceiling windows and one large area complete with a bed, seating space, fireplace, and a staircase in place of separate bedrooms.

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The resort’s highlight is the roof, where there is a sundeck of sorts, complete with two chairs. With elements such as a central concrete chimney and a curved roof (shell structure made using glue-laminated -GluLam wooden beams suspended from a central concrete chimney and covered with locally sourced black slate), the Yezo retreat has also managed to win the 2020 Golden Needle Design Award.

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Redefining the modern essence of luxury, the property presents a minimalistic yet replete space ideal for quiet reflection with little harm to the ecology. Well, if a getaway is what you crave, you know where you need to head this year!

[Via: Designboom]

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