Jennifer Lopez’s luxurious skincare line has hit stores

Jennifer Lopez is a woman par excellence. She has wowed the world with her many talents, looks, music, acting, etc. While we may never get close to being the perfection or powerhouse of JLo’s talent, we are getting a chance to come close to looking like her. Let’s be honest, her radiant youthfulness has been prayed for by every woman who has witnessed her elegance, and the queen herself is bringing the solutions to us all. Jennifer Lopez introduces JLo Beauty, a luxurious skincare collection infused with the expertise and experience of the iconic, ageless beauty and developed by Ascendant Beauty LLC, a joint venture between Guthy-Renker and BRX GR LLC. The collection offers eight products, including a gel-cream cleanser, a serum, a mask, a ‘wonder’ cream, a brand spectrum SPF moisturizer, an eye cream, a ‘complexion booster,’ and a dietary supplement. The star of the collection is a spectacular JLo Beauty™ Olive Complex: a 4-part olive blend of squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil, and leaf extract that delivers antioxidant protection and is clinically shown to deliver all-day moisturization and that star glow inspired by an old Lopez family secret- olive oil. Jennifer Lopez gives the woman of the world a simple solution to gaining supple, soft, age-defying skin as she carefully curated this game-changing collection over a decade.

Jennifer Lopez, Founder, JLo Beauty said, “I want people to know that this is deeply meaningful for me, that it’s personal. Now I want to share what I’ve learned with people everywhere. You want to know how I got my skin, how I look this way? This is how. This is how I live my life and it’s pretty simple.” the collection was shared on Lopez’s Instagram account via a nighttime skincare routine video where she was seen using the products to remove her makeup. JLo Beauty launched on on January 1 and will become available at Sephora stores and on, as well as on Amazon, on January 14. Prices range from $18 to $118.

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