Video – Snake massages are a thing and they are getting popular

The vaguest thought of a slithering snake can make me go hysteric. If you on the other hand can cope well with the cold and assured slime of a serpent, here’s an opportunity to let you mingle with its tinkle, all while you rejuvenate your body and mind! For the likely confused souls, we are hinting at snake massages – a trend that is growing by the leaps and is now available first hand in New York city!

Currently provided by the Wholeness Center near Valley Cottage, New York, a snake massage is probably just how you have envisioned it in your head! The 60-minute session involves a wriggling serpent sliding across your body length, while you stay still and enjoy its cold snuggle on your warm (and probably petrified) self. A dedicated staff member accompanies you and your gliding masseuse all throughout, making sure that you don’t get choked up by your gnarly companion. For further safety, the massages involve only well-fed and healthy snakes on duty.

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Since snakes can have a mood of their own, they are never forced to work or give you a massage in this case. They infect appreciate writhing down warm human bodies just as much, and will thus enjoy the whole process much more than you ever would! On a positive note, snakes tone and stimulate the vagus nerve to release endorphins and oxytocin in the human body and can beat your stress largely! So, if you’d like a bit of a quirk for your next spa, you know where to head in New York city!

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