A queen in every right, Kylie Jenner smashes records by becoming the first woman in the world to amass 300 million Instagram followers

Via Instagram / @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner has achieved yet another milestone by becoming the first woman in the world to reach 300 million Instagram followers (she was also one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires). To better understand how many people are equal to, I would like to add that there are only three countries with a larger population than 300 million- China, India, and United States. If Kylie ever wanted to colonize her followers, she would need a country of her own! Interestingly, as she deserves to be called, the Queen of Instagram has achieved this milestone despite keeping a low profile on social media these past few months. The beauty mogul is currently the third most-followed account on the application behind the official Instagram page and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The otherwise frequent poster on Instagram, she been on a social media sabbatical since Travis Scott’s Astroworld tragedy in November. The 24-year-old pregnant star recently broke her social media hiatus when she shared a vintage throwback snap of mum Kris Jenner on Christmas Eve. Jenner also shared a jaw-dropping story of a dazzling $6,000 Judith Leiber clutch. She shared a heartfelt post with her followers, flaunting her baby bump in her recent post. Jenner posted, “As 2022 is approaching, I’ve been reflecting on this last year and the blessings that it brought but also the many heartaches it held. I will never forget this year and all the significant changes it made to my life. I pray this new year is filled with a lot of love for all of you, and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this time.”

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Via Instagram / @kyliejenner

The year indeed began with a bang for the Kylie Cosmetics founder, who will only gain more followers this year with the arrival of baby no.2. Keeping up with the Kardashians dethroned Ariana Grande as the most followed female on the platform.

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