Unlike eco-warriors like Bill Gates and Leonardo Di Caprio who use private jets and party on superyachts – Arnold Schwarzenegger flew a commercial jet to a climate change conference.

Via Twitter / @Schwarzenegger

It takes more than guts to mess with Arnold Schwarzenegger; it takes ignorance! Forever vigilant climate champions or, in Schwarzenegger’s case, detractors accused him of flying to a climate conference on a private jet. The former governor was on his way to Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative’s Austrian summit and was snapped on what was actually a very comfortable first-class seat. He tweeted, ‘En route to @ArnoldSCI for this year’s summit in Vienna.’ “There is no climate emergency, and all the private jets prove they all know it,” one critic commented on the tweet. “This is a commercial flight – I truly hope you don’t go around making things up to be angry about all the time. I don’t want you to be that miserable,” the actor responded.

Via Twitter / @Schwarzenegger

The Terminator actor is a relentless climate champion who founded the Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative in 2017. During his governorship, he earnestly advocated for greener policies. The comments received over the private jet misperception were tart, with some calling the 75-year-old a hypocrite while one asked, ‘How much do you get paid to promote the hoax?’ The Hollywood A-lister urged fans to be rational. ‘Please don’t make things up to be angry about,’ he said, ‘Just be logical. If anyone is paying people off to change how they talk about pollution, who has more money than oil companies? Are you acting anti-establishment while you do the bidding of a bunch of rich fossil fuel execs?’

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Leonardo Di Caprio is known to throw some wild parties on luxury yachts.

Climate champions like Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio are among environmentalists who fervently talk about climate change and unwind, partying on megayachts and going home in private jets. The Kindergarten Cop star not only stays true to his word and mission but also deals with attackers patiently. He stated, ‘Before you spend all day on Twitter looking for fake reasons to be mad, spend a few minutes looking in the mirror and figuring out the real reason you’re upset. Work on it. Do the reps. Be uncomfortable. One day you’ll thank me.’

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