Arnold Schwarzenegger spotted driving his electric Hummer H1

The recently unveiled Tesla Cybertruck has polarized the world of automobile enthusiasts into two very vocal groups – those who love it and the rest who absolutely detest the radical yet very geometric shape of it. The EV manufacturer’s CEO Elon Musk has been spotted several times on the Californian streets driving around in the massive electric pick-up truck, which is still in the prototype phase. However, he’s not the only one seen cruising around in Southern California in a huge electric truck; our good old Terminator has also been captured by the papzz using his electric Hummer. Arnold even shared a short video on Instagram along with a caption that reads: “Speak softly and carry a big stick. My electric Hummer may be quiet, but it’s ballsy.”

This comes just a few weeks after the former Californian governor came under fire for using a gas-guzzling six-wheel-drive, all-terrain military vehicle called the Pinzgauer, which contradicts his views on climate change. However, the 72-year-old bodybuilder-turned-actor has also a big supporter of electric cars, despite his love for big, bad, military vehicles – which is why he had an Austrian company called Kreisel Electric build him an electric G-Wagen and the humongous Hummer H1. The all-electric Hummer that was handed over to Arnold in 2017 is equipped with electric motors on each axle and 100 kWh worth of batteries to power them. According to Kreisel Electric, the 7275-lb monster has a 75-mph top speed and a respectable 186-mile range. Given a choice, which one will you choose between the Cybertruck or the electric Hummer H1?

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