No more pouting with Birkin bags in Bentleys – In a move to maintain core socialist values, China has banned celebrities from showing off their wealth on social media.

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Suppose you’re a celebrity in china who just bought a limited-edition Rolex, a Bentley, or a 20-carat diamond, you better keep the euphoria to yourself. Not only will you be breaking new rules, but you will also be opposing core socialist values. The Cyberspace Administration of China has prohibited celebrity and fan-club accounts from showing off wealth and extravagant pleasure. According to the administration, China is a massive populace with a deep-running craze for their celebrities, and this is a cause for scandals and social disorder. The rules extend further to banning stars from spreading rumors, publishing false or private information, and provoking fan groups to “verbally attack each other, ” which makes complete sense to maintain decorum in any country.

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The administration is leading by example. They recently barred Chinese Canadian pop star Kris Wu, accused of sexual assault, from live streaming. This was a measure taken against 88 people to prevent illegal and unethical artists from reentering the industry. A similar treatment was meted to one of China’s most famous actresses Zhao Wei. Her name cropped up in various scandals over the years, including a $7.45 million investor lawsuit. It resulted in China’s entertainment regulator wiping off her presence from all social media and streaming platforms.

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Daily Mail reports state media has gone into overdrive, urging changes to China’s entertainment culture. ‘For some time now, artists’ moral failures and legal violations, the cultivation of younger idols, and ‘chaotic’ fandoms have attracted widespread attention in society,’ state broadcaster CCTV said earlier this year. ‘We must restore a clean and upright literary and artistic environment to the public.’

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