Lauren Sanchez, the first lady of the $500 million Koru megayacht, enjoys queen-like treatment, complete with a bespoke Koru-themed robe, and an elite glam squad, all while her $75 million shadow vessel stands ready with a helicopter.

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Earlier this month, Luxurylaunches revealed that Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez had set sail on a summer escapade in the azure waters of Greece. The illustrious couple is currently basking in the Mediterranean sun aboard the exclusive $500 million megayacht Koru, accompanied by the shadow yacht Abeona. What truly caught our eye was Lauren Sanchez, a helicopter pilot who effortlessly exudes the aura of a czarina on the world’s largest sailing yacht, a 416-foot masterpiece valued at half a billion dollars.

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A glimpse into her world via social media revealed Sanchez in her element, adorned in a pristine white robe as she prepared for her day. Amidst her entourage handling makeup hair and capturing her every glamorous moment, the intricate black spiral pattern on her robe’s hem stood out—a Maori symbol known as ‘Koru.’ Gone are the days of mere yacht monograms on towels; when you’re poised to become the wife of the world’s second-richest man, cruising the world’s most picturesque locales demands unparalleled elegance.

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Sanchez surely knows how to rock a look, and she certainly did with the Koru-themed robe! She is a real-life princess who also enjoys a $250,000+ designer wardrobe aboard the Koru megayacht, packed with Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci goodies. Moreover, Abeona, a $75 million shadow vessel, follows the mothership with a helicopter for her pleasure. Currently, Abeona is sailing around Koufosaratsia in Greece, while Koru is near the flawless beach of Varkiza.
Currently the largest sailing yacht in the world. The Koru’s massive masts reach 70 meters (230 feet)

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