Openly defying a $22,000 fine, Mark Zuckerberg continues to sail his $300 million superyacht dark. The privacy-loving Facebook CEO ensures his vessel remains unseen, with its mandatory location transponders deliberately turned off.

Via Instagram / @zuck

Mark Zuckerberg, the mastermind behind Meta, is unyielding. Despite the potential legal consequences, he remains undeterred, even when faced with a $22,000 fine. Spanish law dictates that such substantial penalties are imposed for disabling the AIS system during navigation. This 40-year-old tech mogul is no stranger to sailing in secrecy. His $ 300 million yacht, Launchpad, made a discreet journey from Florida to Jamaica in May 2024, and repeated the act as it departed Palma de Mallorca, Spain, after a Father’s Day celebration with his entire family.

Mark invited his parents and siblings to celebrate father’s day on his $300 million superyacht. Via Instagram / @zuck

Where this 387-foot Feadship beauty is headed is a mystery, but the centibillionaire worth $176 billion is surely heading into trouble! According to Spanish legislation, it is mandatory to turn on location transponders unless you are a warship or a nautical vessel on war missions, per Las Provincias. Not only is it irresponsible and poses a serious risk, but AIS transponders also transmit key information about ships, such as their course and speed, to avoid accidents.

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Twice the length of an Olympic sized swimming pool the Launchpad has a top speed of 16 knots. Image – Diedre Di Mallorca

It is safe to say Zuckerberg is just a wealthy man on a mission to unwind without letting the world know and would gladly part with the pocket change that is $22,000. While Launchpad has gone dark, its support vessel, the $30 million Wingman, is following protocol and is back in the Bahamas, per Marine Traffic. Zuckerberg’s jet tracking account has not shared any updates regarding the American billionaire’s return yet, so it is safe to presume he may be reveling in the Mediterranean for a bit longer with his wife and kids.

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The Launchpad’s support vessel Dapple has sailed back the Atlantic and is docked in the Bahamas
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