Not liking the attention, Mark Zuckerberg took a page from the oligarch playbook and performed a vanishing act with his $300 million superyacht and support vessel by turning off their location transponders, making them disappear in the Caribbean Sea.

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Centibillionaire Mark Zuckerberg seems to be channeling Jeff Bezos with his latest high-seas acquisitions. The tech tycoon first turned heads by purchasing a spectacular superyacht, the 387-foot Launchpad worth $300 million, and a $30 million support vessel, the Wingman yacht. Though smaller than the mighty $500 million Koru yacht and its $75 million Abeona support vessel, the parallel in their superyacht choices is striking. Although Zuckerberg hasn’t started exploring the world and making the most of his investment like Bezos and his helicopter fiancée Lauren Sanchez did, the attention he has been garnering is stupendous. It has probably been overwhelming for the new yacht owner, who has never been spotted aboard his pleasure craft until now. For a hot minute the two floating goliaths were even docked next to each other at Fort Lauderdale.

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However, before the world could delve deeper into his luxury vessel, the toughest CEO in Silicon Valley took a page from Bezos’s book of boats and went dark. According to YouTube channel eSysman SuperYachts, both his vessels turned off their AIS as they left Florida heading south towards Jamaica.

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The Launchpad support vessel

Per the last AIS update, they went dark in the Caribbean Sea while Launchpad was en route to Jamaica, and Wingman Yacht was heading towards Belize City. The fact that both ships went dark at a spot that’s perfect for enjoying the summer on May 2nd and have been spotted together, according to eSysman SuperYachts, is noteworthy.

It has been observed that the vessels were anchored near an airstrip, which would make it easy for the world’s fourth richest man, worth $168 billion, to zip to the Launchpad superyacht with ease and away from the public eye. The $300 million vessel was the cynosure of attention since the news of its acquisition broke out in March this year. The Feadship vessel formerly known as Project 1010, was originally commissioned by the sanctioned Russian oligarch Vladimir Potanin.

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Via Instagram / @zuck

Dutch laws prevented the sanctioned Russian magnate from taking delivery of the Feadship stunner which landed in the lap of the megarich Meta boss. The 4999 GT vessel sleeps 24 guests and a crew of 48. It is followed around by the 220-foot vessel, Wingman, with a volume of 1,143 GT, with accommodation for up to 6 guests in 3 cabins.

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