Meet Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragus, a successful influencer who bought a $17 million Florida orchard. With this 2,213-acre purchase, the cosplay model someday aims to become the largest farmland owner in the US by surpassing centibillionaire Bill Gates who owns 242,000 acres.

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Some women desire diamonds, others a bottomless closet, and some yearn for love. Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, a prominent figure in livestreaming, aspires for businesses and immense wealth as a fantastic by-product. The Twitch streamer, boasting 6.4 million followers, also earns substantial revenue on Kick and OnlyFans, over $1 million monthly, and judiciously manages her finances. This wealth has transformed her into a savvy businesswoman who recently invested a staggering $17 million to acquire a 2,213-acre fruit orchard in and around Florida.

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She announced on X (formerly Twitter), ‘I BOUGHT A $17,000,000 fruit orchard/Grove! It’s 2,213 Acres in total (4 different sites) in Florida and surrounding states! There’s also an option to acquire an additional 928 acres at one of the sites for an extra $7.2 million! As the old saying goes: “Buy land—they aren’t making it anymore.” The main crop is Valencia Oranges (not as aesthetically pleasing as California oranges but tastier), with most yield processed into orange juice.

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Why invest in arable land? Primarily for its stability and the expected steady increase in value over the long term (the average price of farmland rose 600% from 1945 to 2015). Some land is near a city and might have other uses… Another purpose of this investment is to utilize Schedule F Bonus Depreciation, allowing an investor to depreciate a substantial portion of the cost on eligible assets rather than over an extended period. This results in immediate tax benefits.’ She also ambitiously declared, ‘Slowly but surely, I’m set to overtake @BillGates and his 275,000 ag acres (across 18 states)…’

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Via Instagram / @amouranthoffical

Considering Gates’ net worth of $135 billion (as per Bloomberg billionaire’s index), Siragusa, with $40 million, has an extremely long journey ahead. When you’re among the world’s top content creators, earning $15 million annually as reported by Forbes, such aspirations seem plausible, not delusional. Admittedly, surpassing Bill Gates in the farmland game would be next to impossible, given that the 68-year-old owns more land than the size of Dallas, but it’s a brave start.

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How much land does Bill Gates own?
The tech tycoon, America’s largest farmland owner, may not be a farmer or have agricultural expertise, but he owns more land than the area of New York City—an impressive 275,000 acres across 19 states. His goal was simple: to create jobs. Gates explained, ‘I own less than 1/4000 of the farmland in the US. I’ve invested in these farms to enhance productivity and create jobs. There’s no grand scheme – all decisions are made by a professional investment team.’ Gates has invested over $700 million in land, including a $520 million purchase in 2017 from the Agricultural Company of America and a $170 million acquisition of 14,500 acres in Washington state from John Hancock Life Insurance.

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Via Instagram / @amouranthoffical

Who is Amouranth?
Kaitlyn Siragusa popularly known as Amouranth, primarily earns through OnlyFans and Twitch streaming. Why pursue anything else when these content creation platforms can yield over $20 million annually, right? But Kaitlyn Siragusa isn’t content with just that. The 29-year-old Houston-based cosplay model prides herself on her business acumen, leading to investments in a gas station, an inflatable pool company, and even beer brewed with her personal bacteria, as reported by Kotaku. Despite her entrepreneurial success, she continues streaming, with Amouranth stating, ‘For the most part, Twitch is a billboard that I get paid to advertise on.’ She is one of the most prominent streamers globally, with over 6 million Twitch followers and nearly one million YouTube subscribers.

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