Not a flashy Bugatti Chiron but a rather humble Volvo Hybrid SUV is what Leonardo DiCaprio prefers to cruise around in

One would expect a Hollywood superstar like Leonardo DiCaprio to seen driving around in some of the most expensive luxury cars. It’s but natural for filthy rich celebs to spend a fortune on amassing fancy cars. Browse through the tabloids and you’ll find plenty of pictures of these Hollywood A-listers with their uber-expensive cars. But not Leo; the Oscar-winning actor is not one of them.

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The American superstar was recently photographed cruising around the streets of LA in a white colored Volvo SUV. It’s not just a regular soccer-mom Volvo but an XC90 T8 Plug-In Hybrid. Leo is a known environmentalist and has always preferred to own and drive environment-friendly hybrids and electric cars. If you think the Hollywood superstar’s car collection will feature gas-guzzling beasts like McLarens and Bugatties, you’ll be wrong. Leo is instead seen around driving his Toyota Prius – a hybrid favorite amongst Hollywood stars – or his Fisker Karma. He also owns the original Tesla Roadster electric sports car. What’s surprising is that his collection doesn’t seem to have any of the newer Tesla electric cars.

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