Far from laying low – “Tinder Swindler’ Simon Leviev is seen checking out a shiny $360,000 Ferrari at a car showroom in Tel Aviv

Image - Screengrab via - Youtube - Gossip Bae

After the true-crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler on Netflix made waves globally, one would imagine its lead antagonist/protagonist, Simon Leviev, moving to a cave. But standing true to his widely broadcasted shameless disposition Shimon Hayut, aka Mordechai Nisim Tapiro, aka Michael Bilton, is still living life king-size (I wonder whose money). The 31-year-old self-proclaimed ‘Prince of diamonds’ modus Operandi includes swooning ladies with grand romantic gestures like dates in chauffeur-driven cars and trips on private jets.

Instead of laying low, the bogus diamond trader was seen parading in Tel Aviv in a $2600, easy-to-spot-from-the-moon Gucci canvas jacket as he visited a luxury car showroom. This time the object of desire was no moneyed maiden; he was spotted drooling over a Ferrari 296GTB, worth $360,900. The man could probably be window-shopping for his next project. Clearly, he shows no signs of living life, hiding his face, or giving up the lust to buy luxury cars.

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Image – Screengrab via – Youtube – Gossip Bae

Simon Leviev has been posting since out from his jail sentence in Israel, and also enjoying the company of a new girlfriend. He neither seems of a troubled demeanor nor is he keeping a low profile! Israeli model called Polina is dating the criminal despite being wanted across Europe for a string of frauds.

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