Trump’s majestic $100 million Boeing 757 aircraft bearing the former President’s initials and gold-plated hardware, clipped a corporate jet at Florida airport

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Everything Trump does makes news; everything he doesn’t do also makes news. Guess the magic of making headlines lies within the Trump name. It’s not the former US President, but one of his prized possessions that grabbed headlines: a $100 million private plane. Trump’s private Boeing 757 clipped another plane at a Florida airport following its return from New Jersey on Sunday morning. Trump Force One, in all its red, blue, and white glory, touched down at Palm Beach International Airport when it was taxiing on the tarmac. As the private jet was being escorted by the airport’s ground crew, its winglet struck the rear elevator of a parked VistaJet, according to WFLA.

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“A privately owned Boeing 757 landed safely at West Palm Beach International Airport around 1:20 a.m. local time on Sunday, May 12,” a source stated. Whether Trump was aboard the aircraft is unknown. It was revealed in a story by NYPost that the other aircraft belonged to DJT Operations I LLC with no injuries reported. This is the same jet that was wasting away at a New York airport with one engine removed. It was only in 2022 that the $100 Boeing beauty got refurbished, and how!

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A Boeing 757 thats fit for Trump –
After being parked away at Newburgh-Stewart International Airport for long-term storage, the Boeing 757 got a new lease of life in 2022. The revamp saw Trump’s favorite toy shine once again in a glistening coat of signature black-red-white coloring with ‘Trump’ emblazoned in gold. At the other end of the plane, the tail features an American flag.

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Via Youtube / @Mediapost Film & Video

Trump Force One boasts Rolls-Royce engines with modern luxuries packed inside. From plush cabins, a 57-inch television, mahogany coffee tables, everything exudes luxury. But nothing comes close to the typical Trump touch of including 24-carat gold-plated bathroom fixtures, light switches, and seatbelt buckles.

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