When the worlds most expensive Rolex stole Cristiano Ronaldo’s thunder

Being Cristiano Ronaldo has its perks; one- you are wildly famous, secondly you’re making an insane amount of money with every breath you take and thirdly, you flash that money around in the form of uber-luxe, most expensive GMT-Master Ice and other bling. The 34-year-old Juventus player was in attendance for a panel at the 14th edition of the Dubai International Sports Conference and was seen casually donning what is most certainly the rarest and most exclusive Rolex GMT-Master Ice, which costs around $497,040, also making it their most expensive watch ever. For some, that would be enough bling for a sports conference, but Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t everyone; he loves his flash, and he sports it too (pun intended). He coupled his one-of-a-kind time-telling possession with a custom engagement ring valued at $262,000 and a diamond wedding band valued at $65,400. While the cushion-cut canary engagement ring has our heart, his GMT- Master Ice is making our eyes pop with its glistening 18-carat white gold and 30 carats of diamonds.

Combine all of the above, and the international soccer superstar wore jewels worth $824,040 for the occasion on the one hand alone. Of course, he can afford to splurge like this and more, as Ronaldo was listed as Instagram’s highest earner in 2019. His earnings totaled $47.8 million from social media alone.

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[Via: Foxbusiness]

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