Will Donald Trump miss the Air Force one? The outgoing president’s $100 million private jet has gold plated seat belts, a mini cinema and a lot more

Donald Trump will no longer have use of Air Force One after he leaves office – but does it matter? Photo: AFP

Donald Trump has spent four years flying around the world on Air Force One – but then he was no stranger to flying by private plane even before he took office.

So is he going to miss the official presidential jet once he leaves the White House? Or is his own fleet luxurious enough? Here’s how his personal planes measure up.

US President Donald Trump in front of Air Force One in February 2020. Photo: Reuters

Air Force One
During his presidency, Trump used two heavily customised Boeing 747-200B series aircraft – otherwise known as Air Force One – to get around safely.

The three-level planes each have an incredible 4,000 sq ft of floor space and contain their own presidential suite featuring an office, toilet and conference room.

Given that the Secret Service, senior advisers and the media all travel with the president on a regular basis, Air Force One also has quarters for guests plus a medical suite containing an operating room should the always-on-board doctor need to perform emergency surgery.

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Up to 70 guests can join the president at any given time and, of course, they won’t go hungry – the two galley kitchens can feed up to 100.

In terms of technical specs, Air Force One has a range of about 12,600km (6,800 nautical miles) and contains advanced communications equipment including electronics that protect against electromagnetic pulses and can operate as a command centre if required.

Trump’s jets
The Trump Organisation regularly makes use of its US$100 million Boeing 757 to travel in style. While a Boeing this size could usually hold 200 people, the refurbished plane accommodates just 43 passengers and has a range of 7,600km (4,100 nautical miles).

Whereas Air Force One has the ability to refuel mid-air, this Boeing can fly for eight hours within a 4,800km (3,000 mile) range.

Most of the on-board space is occupied by a bedroom, guest room and dining room. And while it’s not as safe as Air Force One, it’s certainly more luxurious. The seat belts are all 24 carat gold (as is the bathtub’s fixtures and other details) and the lounge area even has a full cinema entertainment system.

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Trump also owns a Cessna Citation X, an aircraft that seats just nine people and is said to be one of the fastest in the world at 1,100km/h (705mph) – slightly less than the speed of sound. It can fly at an altitude of 15,500 metres (51,000ft).

Via Instagram / @trumpchopper

Trump’s choppers
In addition to his planes, Trump also owns three Sikorsky S-76 helicopters – based in New York, Florida and Scotland – for members of his clubs and guests to use at their convenience. Much like his other private aircraft, the Trump name is emblazoned across the exterior, ensuring no one can mistake his distinctive red, white and blue helicopters for anybody else’s.

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