What’s inside Will Smiths $2.5 million movie trailer

Oscar nominated actor Will Smith’s two-story, 1200 sq. ft. mansion-on-wheels has revolutionized what is known as a trailer. The button-operated motor home offers total functionality with absolute luxury. Its sleek, modern design extends to the custom built kitchen, a luxurious make up area, wardrobe room and a state-of-the-art screening room. Nicknamed “The Heat“, it is now the subject of HGTV’s series on celebrity motor homes.

After a main lounge area replete with a full kitchen and dining room, “Star Trek” doors welcome you into a second lounge, which acts as a private space mostly used for wardrobe. And this is only the downstairs. Upstairs is a 30-person screening room lined with windows and ultramodern machinery, which transforms into “the ultimate man-cave” if one is to pull down the shades. A cave with a 100-inch TV, that is!

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8 pistons push out 2000 pounds of pressure to raise the second floor of the trailer over 42 inches, perfect for watching dailies and conducting business alike. Also fitted in is a fully equipped bathroom, the unique design of which alone cost $25,000. With the press of a button (shocker! Pfft) it goes completely opaque (ok, shocker.) Not to mention the $30,000 leather ceilings and the $100,000 granite seen everywhere from furnishings to fashionable ceilings. With all that, the five-trailers-condensed-into-one mammoth magnificence clearly seems like $2.5 million, well spent.

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