This teardrop-shaped $220,000 ultra-luxurious camping trailer comes with a loaded kitchen, heated floors, air conditioning, and even a personalized dog bed.

Have you always been bowled over by Bowlus? Then like me, you will be thrilled to learn the world leader in performance luxury recreation vehicles is offering some stellar 2022 updates for their entire lineup of travel trailers. If 2021 belonged to the dogs, with an impressive $265,000 limited edition luxury camping trailer specially made for the pups, 2022 would be dedicated to making the 2022 lineup even more excellent and owners happier! The latest models will flaunt better tech, better storage solutions which is a must when space is limited, and air conditioning, especially when you want to drive to balmy locales.

This luxurious motor home flaunts redesigned modern LED taillights; the trailer will now flaunt 15-inch tall, and vertically oriented LED lights ensuring maximum safety owing to better visibility to other drivers. The kitchen now comes with better storage options with hard-pull, soft-close drawers.

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In addition to the above, the app-controlled Bluetooth brake controller and 60-Second Hitch are now standard on all models. This year, the company launches customization options with the “One of One Program” and Personalization Program to allow buyers to create the luxury RV of their dreams. For those who enjoy the idea of going through more than fifty-six million combinations to personalize seating, flooring, bedding, and awnings choices, it doesn’t get better than Bowlus.

A spokesperson said, “We’re taking some of the technologies developed for our special edition Terra Firma model and making them standard,” said Geneva Long, Founder and CEO of Bowlus. “The luxury industry now more than ever is fully optioning their vehicles, and they’re demanding innovations from bespoke models.”

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“For 2022, we’re elevating our standard products because our new premium innovations have been so well-received. For instance, our new air conditioning vents bridge the worlds of functionality and aesthetics, blending iconic Bowlus design with 21st-century technology. Our 2022 models deliver on our promise to constantly enhance our customers’ experiences with unparalleled craftsmanship.”

If these updates have excited you, don’t waste time hitting the road and fueling your wanderlust. But first, fuel the Bowlus tanks that sell for $215,000 for the Endless Highways Edition. The Endless Highways Performance Edition starts at $240,000.

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