A kitchenette, a queen bed and an office space – This 30 feet Airstream luxury office trailer is what WFH dream are made of

The pandemic has taught us unforgettable life lessons to live life in limited means. Living in less doesn’t limit your choice of locations. In fact, with the Work from home culture prevailing and proving successful, there is no longer a need to be confined to the four walls of your home or even the same city. That’s where the fabulous Airstream Luxury Office Trailer comes into play making your life an adventure that can be lived in a mountainous region, against a lake view, or in a campsite. All you have to do is ensure decent connectivity in the campsite or boondocking spot, where all your virtual work can take place with ease, and you’re sorted for the life of your dreams. Take your workplace on the road with the Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office trailer that offers a completely new camper floor plan that includes a small dedicated office for getting work done on the road. Let’s delve into this wonderful new way of living; who knows; it might just be the thing for you?

It established that the Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB is first and foremost a trailer to live in with all essential amenities in place. But most important of them all is this office space equipped with an impressive full-sized desk with drawers and a pull-out table, multiple USB ports, o a pop-up USB/AC outlet. The office area comes with clever addition like overhead cabinets mounted with dry-erase material for quick notes and sketches.

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The 30-foot long trailer has the corner bunk model replacing the bunk area with a workspace. The section is fitted with Blackout curtains, sound-deadening divider, so you focus on work while others watch TV or prepare lunch.

Life is not all about work, which is why once work is done, the office space may be converted into an additional sleeping and relaxing space for one. Snoozing between zoom calls isn’t that bad an idea either.

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The trailer isn’t all about the office space, though, admittedly. That’s a huge plus; the impressive creation comes equipped with a kitchenette housing a four-burner stove, sink and pantry, multiple storage closets, and a full bathroom with a separate toilet and shower area.

The spacious bedroom fits a queen bed, with large windows all around, so you soak in the sun and never miss a breathtaking view.

The Flying Cloud 30FB Office starts at $107,500 and is available through your local Airstream dealer.

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