Perfect for the modern touring nomad this Whale Trailer Cabin concept opens up into a full-blown residence. It is extremely spacious, has a fold-out kitchen and a living room.

Travel and wanderlust have been completely redefined in the past two years, and people have learned to enjoy things to the fullest and make each moment a vacation instead of creating moments in vacations. Fast flights and staycations are no longer desirable, so there is an increased desire to hit the road and stay there for as long as one can. This is why luxury or well-equipped trailers are catching everyone’s attention who has a penchant for exploring the world but at their own time, pace and space. The Whale Trailer Cabin concept by designer Hu Yong is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2021.

It is also the answer to what the world needs to feed their wanderlust but not in a heavy-duty, mammoth of a trailer. The trailer may be compared to a whale, but with the benefits of modularity, it manages to deliver the most in a minor form factor. Once camped, the Whale Trailer Cabin will open into what can be called a full-on house complete with an adequate living room, a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and a bedroom, as well as several windows to allow in natural light and fresh air. The kitchen can work incredibly well outdoors, too; all one needs to do is slide it out or in during rough weather.

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The space is generous enough to let a family of four camps around for a week. It comes with the option of opening the rear end up, nearly doubling the living space. A small pop-up roof on the slide section increases headroom, while a large pop-top on the main body increases space even more. The designer has done an incredible job of making it look like a whale on wheels, and the choice of paint job only adds to the effect. While the single-axle trailer is only a concept, for now, it has roped in the trends of today and is not based on impractical whims of possibilities. The Whale Trailer by designer Hu Yong is in the early development stages for production, but we have no word on availability yet.

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