This luxury camper is designed for off-the-grid living and for those with range anxiety it can even charge your EV

California-based brand Living Vehicle is known for building luxury campers that are designed for off-the-grid living. They are also intended to be net-zero mobile living spaces with no water or waste out, aiming for sustainable living in the wilderness. However, a gas-guzzling truck used for towing the trailer spoils its sustainability credentials. The company headquartered in Santa Barbara has introduced its updated 2022 line-up and the range-topping camper model has been created to be towed by electric vehicles. The flagship Pro-EV variant addresses the range-anxiety problem of EVs with its proprietary LVEnergy System that can charge a battery-powered electric vehicle when needed.

The luxury campers by LV are characterized by its trademark aluminum shell and roof-mounted solar panels that work in tandem with an automotive-grade lithium battery system that lets them operate completely off the grid. The Pro-EV version in the 2022 line-up comes with an upgraded electrical system, which makes it the most powerful off-the-grid trailer in the world. The new LVEnergy System includes upgraded SunPower solar panels that can generate up to 3,520 W of power, a bigger battery with up to 57.6 kWh of capacity which is twice as much energy storage as before, and a 20kW hybrid inverter. The Pro-EV can also charge an EV using an integrated 240V level 2 charging station.

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According to Living Vehicle, the upgraded power system of the luxury camper can sustain power indefinitely if it’s in an area with no shortage of bright sunlight. We already know that several battery-electric trucks are going to hit the market soon, which makes it an opportune time for LV to introduce the Pro-EV camper. The American company mentioned the Tesla Cybertruck as an example, which could be the perfect vehicle to tow the camper.

“We designed Living Vehicle with freedom in mind, granting travelers the ability to experience every corner of the country and stay connected and comfortable along the way,” co-founder Matthew Hofmann said in a statement. “Our new 2022 Living Vehicle builds on the success of our past models while enabling owners to travel even further and live truly sustainably along the way.”

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The company has also updated the interiors of the luxury camper with more amenities and features. The 232-square-foot space inside the camper has been designed to look and feel like a luxury apartment on wheels. The most interesting section inside the cabin is its master bedroom that features a skylight and a queen-size bed. It can be quickly converted into a media room with a 70-inch 4K HD screen and Sonos surround sound. Living Vehicles hasn’t revealed the price of the range-topping Pro-EV version, but the line-up starts at $249,000. The company is open for orders and will take 10-12 months for delivery.

[Via: Living Vehicle]

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