A car air freshener company is suing Balencia

Spanish luxury house Balenciaga recently got served for imitating a design of their fall accessory. Funnily enough, not of another fashion brand but of the design of the Car Freshner Corporation.

The newly conceptualized keychain design bears an uncanny resemblance to the little tree air fresheners trademarked by the company in 1952. Remember those scented little trees hanging from most rear view mirrors.

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Car Freshners insist that customers will confuse both items, a claim not necessarily ridiculous given the size of both. The price on the other hand, may not necessarily puzzle customers given how Little Trees air fresheners are sold for $3, while the key chains are priced at $275.

The Car Freshners Corporation is demanding all profits made from any of its tree products, given how the design was incorporated into the fashion accessory without any permission.

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