Aman Essentials has debuted its first-ever leather collection featuring passport cases, wallets, and more inspired by Japanese origami

Experiences in Aman resorts are unforgettable. No other destination offers such emancipating levels of respite and rejuvenation. However, what one experiences at Aman stays there or is etched forever in memory. With the arrival of Aman Essentials – a collection of bespoke products inspired by the world of Aman, guests could take a piece of the unmatched luxury home. After the massive success of the Aman Essentials Ready-to-Wear line in 2021, the brand is back with the inaugural Leather Collection debuting nineteen unique designs.

The Leather Collection includes card cases,wallets,passport cases, handbags, and smaller collection items that reinvent classic shapes, with silhouettes elevated and refined for contemporary appeal. Each leather product is hand-crafted in Italy and France, utilizing an authentic construction process of artisanal calf, lamb, and goat skin. Timeless and terrific, this collection transcends trends with the Aman logo featuring products inspired by the Japanese folding technique, origami. The colorful landscapes of Aman destinations are depicted with delicate, contrasting Nappa linings. Kristina Romanova, CEO of Aman Essentials, told Luxurylaunches, “The combination of our heartfelt attention to detail, our pursuit of quality at any cost, and our belief in the restorative power of simplicity represents the ‘Spirit of Aman.’ Aman’s first-ever line of leather accessories was created to echo this imitable spirit, creating pieces designed to be loved for years to come.”

Via Facebook / @Aman Shop

The Leather Collection by Aman Essentials is priced between $250 to $4,000. It is available worldwide at Aman boutiques and destinations and on the brand’s e-commerce platform,

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