Amanda Lepore unveils exclusive perfume in Swarovski studded bottle

Most of you have already heard of Amanda Lepore. She is known as the world’s most famous transsexual. And like various other famous people, Amanda is gearing up to launch her own line of fragrances. A fragrance with the right amount of glamour and sheen, the bottle of the Amanda Lepore scent is studded with 1,000 Swarovski crystals. An exclusive perfume, it will be limited to just 5000 units. The exclusivity, along with the crystals adorning the bottle, contributes to the high price of this 4.25 oz bottle, which is $950! For this expensive sum, buyers will also get an exclusive autographed book of never before seen Lepore images, which is included in the box with the perfume. Her other fragrances include ‘Happy Hooker,’ ‘Lemore,’ and ‘Virgin Juice.’ So go ahead and indulge.

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