An astronaut steering a colorful paper spaceship is the latest window display for Hermes’ Tokyo store.

Quirky window displays are Hermès thing. And time and again, French artists Zim & Zou have come to their aid to create equal part dynamic and whimsical displays. The artists continue their creative odyssey with Hermès at their store in Tokyo with a vibrant work of art titled “Journey of a Lifetime.” It looks like the most intricate spaceship ever, determined to give the beauty of outer space a run for its money. Pastel joysticks, panels, and knobs, never looked better, and at the helm of it all is perched the cutest astronaut. The spaceship’s cockpit looks complex and holds a deeper meaning.

The artists have explained their work on their website and said, ‘The spaceship’s cockpit, both complex and mysterious, is a metaphor for life and the choices we must make. The main character, seen from behind, explores the universe as he travels his own life. His goal is right in front of him, and he will do everything to reach it. Memories, along with his most precious items, follow him in this adventure. The opened safe sets many of his treasures free, flying around in weightlessness.”

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The papercraft has been constructed in pink and pastels following the theme of the Isetan department store. This is not the first time Zim & Zou are creating visual drama for Hermès. The brilliant display made in 2015 for the Hermès store in Shanghai was inspired by the natural history museum. They revealed yet another mind-boggling paper art window display titled Forest Folks in Dubai two years later. The artwork consisted of a dreamlike structure where curious tiny characters and luxury fashion pieces’ dwell together.

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The French artist took to Instagram to share their impressive work and joy, ‘We recently had the great honor to create a new artist window display for Hermès in Tokyo. It’s been a lot of work, a lot of fun, and as always, we’re proud to keep up our ‘creative odyssey’ with Hermès!’ without a doubt, this elaborate paper spaceship construction is their best work yet! It is indeed out of the world, pun intended!

[Via: Colossal. All images via Behance]

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