Are these heavy Exotic boots with Swarovski crystal patterns really for men?

Every girl loves to own a pair of well designed high heeled boots. What better way of paying homage to these ultra-luxury shoes than studding them with Swarovski crystals. Too bad that designer JW Anderson has gone the other way to come out with exotic pairs of boots with fine crystals on the tips for roofers (yes, you read right, he made these for men)! The good news is that the boots come in rustic leather and manly shades of black and brown. But the sad news is that it comes with a dash of pink and as many as 3kgs of Swarovski crystals patterns! They better not wear it while repairing my roof, or I won’t have one to start with. Priced at €2,300($3,135), these shoes are great collectibles, and you can share them with your girl too; I’m sure you don’t want to be caught dead in these hideous excuse for boots for the metro-sexual men!

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