Balenciaga Objects’ limited-edition items will leave you spoilt for choice. From interesting to outlandish, the one-stop Christmas shop includes everything from homeware, scents, and pet care.

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With the Balenciaga Objects line launch, the luxury brand has sorted Christmas shopping for you, your home, and your pet pooch. The product line of nearly 100 objects includes homeware, pet wear, and scent. Some handy inclusions are the monogrammed teapot, gold or silver-rimmed wine and champagne glasses, coaster sets, ceramic Energy Krug and dishes made in collaboration with Ginori 1735, and a bath tug, a towel, and a doormat, featuring Balenciaga Hotel & Resorts artwork.

However, some very unconventional and exuberantly priced objects have caught our eye. Bespoke furniture is included in the collection as a bench created from upcycled materials by artist Tejo Remy. Signature pieces are immortalized as sculptures; case in point, the Triple S sneaker reemerges as a gold-plated sculpture, while the Knife Pump looks excellent as a crystal glass bud vase. We have singled out a few pieces of the Balenciaga Objects line that are grabbing attention for their novelty, vanity, or plain futility-

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5. H2O Bottle in black stainless steel-
Water is imperative, and the right bottle can attract you for that one extra sip! Balenciaga’s $190 bottle will keep you hydrated and looking uber-cool. The bottle features H2O artwork printed at the front and the Balenciaga logo printed at the back.

4. Xmas Ornament Cagole in black and silver handmade painted glass-
Christmas shopping is a big part of the celebrations, akin to ornaments being indispensable for a charming Christmas tree. Balenciaga’s eye-watering, hand-painted $560 Christmas ornament with satin ribbon is attractive and expensive. The luxury brand also offers sunglasses and cap ornaments.

3. Lunch box in silver-
Even fashionistas eat, and when they do, they make it chic thanks to brands like Balenciaga that put fashion and food together with utmost ease and nearly $750. The stainless steel and silicon box measures L5,8 x H4,9 x W2,9 inch and includes a cutlery set of 1 fork, knife, and spoon. Emblazoned over the chrome finish lunchbox is the Balenciaga logo.

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2. Balenciaga tape –
Tape is one of the most underrated objects despite featuring among the essentials. Balenciaga offers this everyday object a pedestal by printing the Balenciaga logo all over and breathing new life into the mundane, overlooked thing. For $300, the yellow and black tape made of recycled plastic will hold together your reputation of being the prodigal spender.

Candle holder –
Is it a drink, or is it a candle holder? We think it’s a conversation starter! The Balenciaga candle holder comes in four avatars, evocative of an aluminum drinks can. The candle holder is made of 100% milled aluminum. The limited edition candle holder comes with a white candle stick for a cool $620.

Selected Balenciaga stores will also offer a custom gift-wrapping service with personalized silver ribbons to make your one-of-a-kind gifts seem pure perfection.

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