CASETiFY x Louvre collaboration brings the most recognised artwork on tech accessories

After Japanese brand Uniqlo dropped hints on a possible collaboration with Musée du Louvre last month, we now have news on Casetify’s tie-up with the iconic museum for an exclusive fine-art inspired collection, yes, you heard that right!

Consisting a lineup of tech accessories featuring graphics of iconic masterpieces, the collection personifies a new take on art. It incorporates famous works like Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, Grande Odalisque, and Liberty Leading the People onto tech accessories such as iPhone cases, AirPod cases, grip stand, and wireless charging pads.

Commenting on it, Casetify’s CEO and co-founder Wes Ng said, “As many know, Casetify launched in 2011 as an artist-driven platform, sourcing talent from all over the globe to create unique accessories for the latest tech.”

He further added, “It’s a surreal ‘full circle’ moment to now collaborate with the most historical monument and permanent home to the greatest works of art that this world has ever seen. We hope this collaboration touches a new generation and sparks inspiration among the future creatives of the world.”

With prices ranging from $25 to $72, the exclusive Musée du Louvre x Casetify’s collection will be available online (on the Casetify and web store and museum’s official website) as well as in-store at the Louvre onward February 23. An amalgamation of art and tech never looked better than this!

[Via: Stylecaster]

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