China’s refusal of Jane Birkin could put Hermés at high risk on exit

How would you react if you were denied entry to a country based on your political beliefs? Jane Birkin has not had such a breezy year; it seems. After the fuss with Hermés and the gator saga, the spotlight is now on ‘her commitment to fighting human rights abuses.’ I had the same thought when I first read it – ‘eh?’. It seems she was denied a visa for China by authorities who “did not explain.” She was visiting the nation to honor French singer-songwriter Serge Gainsbourg in association with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. The event had to be canceled, and the orchestra released a statement apologizing and saying “could not participate in the event due to certain reason.”

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The connection is “Birkin’s participation in a protest calling for Tibet’s independence during the 2008 Summer Olympics’ torch relay in Paris… where she also reportedly told the media what she felt about China’s “lack of freedom of speech.” Twitter has been trolling the British singer and also the orchestra. One even suggested banning the Birkin bag. Now that could touch a sensitive note with the rich and luxury-lover Chinese special affection for the Hermés handbag. So much that recently a bag got sold for a staggering $300,168 – perhaps the most expensive handbag in the world! Sales for the handbag have “skyrocketed” in recent times, and such vehement opposition to the namesake can come at a mighty large price. Did I say Jane Birkin is having a bad year? I meant Hermés. They are just not getting a break, are they? Why you do this, China, why? For now, let’s Stay Calm and Watch Out.

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[ Via : Theguardian ]

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