Christian Louboutin boutique opens up inside Harrods

A Christian Louboutin standalone boutique has recently found abode within Harrods, the iconic department store in London. Sitting adjacent the shoe boudoir, the boutique offers a wide range of women’s shoe and bag collections. Occupying a good 140 sq.m the boutique exudes every bit of the glamor and magnetism Christian Louboutin stands for.

Its critically acclaimed interior designer Les Broom who swished his creative wand across the interiors of the boutique to create the dramatic effect that you now see. Of course, inspiration was taken from the surrounding, as is customary for the brand, inclusive of Christian Loboutin signature features like the red carpet, red furnishings, and seating as well as the niched alcoves on which the product is showcased.

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The boutique has been divided into two distinct areas, wherein the private shopping room has been revealed behind a mirrored doorway. Even popular landmarks in London like the Covent Garden Opera House, London Underground walls, the white streets lamps so also the Big Ben have been creatively incorporated in the boutique design. All in all ready to give its customers a unquie shopping experience.

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[Via – Christian-Louboutin]