Millionaires excuse this is only for Billionaires – An exclusive vault for the ultra rich opens near Harrods in London

This is a good time to be rich. But how rich is considered to be truly swanky? Millionaires are passe, till you’re riding in billions you won’t even be considered rich. That’s the case with a bank vault in a grade-II listed 120-year-old former mansion next to the Dorchester Hotel in London’s Park Lane that will open for business next week. If you’re a millionaire please don’t bother coming here as this is no ordinary bank and caters to people with the most extraordinary wealth. Touted to be London’s and the world’s most exclusive safety deposit box, the smallest safety box will cost £600-a-year-to rent. This is believed to be far more exclusive than Harrods also. Goes without saying that the smallest box is also too big for most mere mortals; But in case the billionaires have more gold than most can handle, there is the availability of boxes the size of filing cabinets, and even a whole room for £2.5m a year.

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The London vault will be run by IBV, will have more of the feel of an exclusive private members club than a bank. Services are premium too as customers will be ferried to and from the vault in Rolls-Royce with a well-trained chauffeur to welcome and drive the high-profile clientele. This is a safe haven for many prospective customers from around the world who spend their summers in London. The vault could be a good place to leave their many gold bricks and jewelry.

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