High heels as comfortable as sneakers? This Ex-Gucci footwear designer has developed smart insoles that redistributes pressure across the foot making high heels comfortable and practical.

Keep your standards and heels high! While the former can be advantageous, the latter is more excruciating than a broken heart. Italian company Gait-Tech looks geared to change the game and how! The geniuses have created a cushioned insole that redistributes pressure along the foot. Gait-Tech’s biomechanical device redistributes pressure on the ground, leaving the wearer with a steady, comfortable gait. The final pain-relieving insole results from 45 years of research and in-depth studies and is made of recycled polymer. “Shoes with heels have always represented the best in terms of image, sensuality, and femininity, but at the same time, they have always been synonymous with discomfort and pain when worn for a long period of time,” Andrea Goldoni, co-founder, and CEO of Gait-Tech said in a statement, per Footwear News.

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“The Gait-Tech insole solution provides an experience of comfort and balance never felt on heels before, allowing women to wear shoes with better cushioning and less pain involved.” 70 percent of women between 18 and 68 opt for high heels and choose fashion over health almost daily. While pain is an almost instant after-effect, there is also an increased risk of stress fractures and neuromas, among other possible injuries. Italian footwear designer Diego Dolcini was roped in to lend his creative flair to this well-heeled idea (pun intended).

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The designer, who worked with greats of the footwear department at renowned labels like Gucci, will showcase the game-changing pair via a capsule collection that will include the Gait-Tech device for spring 2023. “I admitted at first I was a bit skeptical, but then I realized this device, which is made of recycled polymer, didn’t touch the aesthetics and it’s really revolutionary,” Dolcini enthused. “Often technology is seen as ugly applied to fashion, but this does not change the style of a shoe. The device offers comfort and balance, better cushioning, and less pain, and you don’t see it.” Dolcini has worked with Emilio Pucci, Narciso Rodriguez, Vionnet, and Balmain, creating designs for the likes of Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Madonna, and Beyoncé, per Women’s Wear Daily.

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Many have tried to revolutionize heels, but nothing came as close to fruition as Gait-Tech. Nearly a decade ago, footwear designer Silvia Fado launched a collection of shock-absorbing Kinetic Traces high heels. The ghastly heels incorporated springs, rubber balls, pneumatic hydraulics, and metal rings to absorb impact and make the shoes more comfortable. Ukrainian Airlines SkyUp ditched heels completely for Nike Airs. With Gait-Tech’s innovative technology, they might switch back to high heels.

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