Costing $30k this is the most ugly Christmas sweater you can buy

Christmas themed parties where you dress up like an elf or at the most don a Santa cap is now passé. For the love of doing the odd, one trend that recently gained popularity amongst many others is the ugly sweater party. Ensued by the hilarious retro-themed holiday sweaters owned by the generation gone by, this quirky themed party has now become a full-blown spectacle. And when Swarovski jumps onto the quirk bandwagon of ugly knitwear, we know this trend is here to stay.

The famed crystal marquee has recently teamed up with a Christmas sweater brand called Tipsy Elves to create an extravagantly ugly sweater that will you back by a whopping $30,000. Branded as the “World’s Most Expensive Ugly Christmas Sweater”, it comes encrusted with a cluster of 24,274 Swarovski crystals that took a total of 52 days to reach completion. The pricey pullover will be officially displayed on the Good Morning America series this Friday. However, if you miss out on the show, you can take a look at our collated pictures that give you a well-rounded peek into the crystalized world of the self- proclaimed ugly knitwear.
When $30,000 can buy you a whole car, spending it on a piece of sweater would not make the best sense to most. For this clan, the brand also has an affordable range priced at $139 only. But if you are an unusual purveyor who is unable to get his/her eyes off the ugly “Santa zooms into space” sweater, you can order it up on the Tipsy Elves website and have it shipped to you in a luxury frame for the fortune of a price!

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[Available at:Tipsyelves]

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