Dinner goes downhill- Country Club sues own waiter after a red wine spill ruins a $30,000 Hermes purse

Little did Maryana Beyder (owner of $30,000 Hermes Kelly Clutch and central character of this story) know that her usual dinner at the Alpine Country Club in New Jersey would turn into such a nightmare? While she and her husband engaged in some chatter and wine, a waiter at this posh New Jersey country club spilt some red wine on the luxury handbag ruining more than their clothes, dinner and moment. I guess the fact that this pink Hermès Kelly clutch, is discontinued by the pricey French fashion house just drove her madder. This turbulent event made the real estate agent sue the country club for negligence, demanding that the Alpine Country Club pay her the eye-popping price of her spoiled handbag. That was a thing of the past, in latest news, the club, in turn, responded with a surprising move of its own- It’s now suing its own employee, the waiter who allegedly spilt the wine. I guess this move is the only cheap thing in this entire expensive scenario by a club that’s apparently ‘very very very rich’ as Beyder, who is also a member, mentioned.

Alpine Country Club, which was founded in 1928 by a group of civic leaders boasts 196 acres of rolling green hills, an 18-hole golf course and charge a $65,000 initiation fee, plus $19,000 in annual dues. Suing your own waiter over this is like suing the valet for any car damages caused in the property in which case the club would have to take responsibility. Behaving like a handbag is of less value than a car only shows their sexist school of thought. Alexandra Errico, Beyder’s attorney, told NBC News at the time that her client knows the spill was an accident but expects the club to either replace or reimburse her for the handbag. Errico said the purse, which was discontinued by the French fashion brand, was a gift and is now covered in large stains. So who do you feel bad for? The lady with the ruined bag? The waiter who was at fault but accidents happen right? Or the club that happened to be the venue of the dinner that went downhill?


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