First Look: Fendi’s 3 Baguette with a transformative strap and a movable 3D buckle

Like all other “It” bags, Fendi’s Baguette is a classic that’s been re imagined and reincarnated numerous times in several creative avatars. The latest version has been titled the 3Baguette and boasts a never-before-seen 3D buckle that shifts, rotates and slides to give the old classic a cool techno spin. Fendi calls the innovative clasp a work of “design engineering” and we have to agree, seeing as the clasp is both decorative and functional. Fendi introduced their latest product in a cool video designed to make the bag seem like a symphony of details and sounds.

The strap can be adjusted allowing it to be worn in three ways. A short strap allows you to carry it right under your arm, a longer strap makes it a sling bag. You can also rotate the strap under the bag to carry it as a pouchette. The three forms of the purse are what inspired the name 3Baguette.

The bag will be available as usual in leather as well as exotic skins like python and croc along with embroidered and inlayed versions. There is definitely something for every personality type. Our favorite might just be the sleek white one from the introduction video where the minimal canvas allows the sharp details of the bag to really shine.

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