Flying fashion? Air France hosted Balmain’s Fall 2021 fashion show in one of its maintenance hangars

Fashion has the power to teleport you to the dreamiest of destinations, and Olivier Rousteing’s Fall 2021 collection is proof of that. If words like traveling, wanderlust, escaping have dominated your thoughts this past year, then Balmain’s Fall 2021 collection is rife with pieces that would easily fit into a world traveler’s wardrobe. Not only the clothes but the sheer presentation of the collection inside a cavernous hangar at Charles de Gaulle Airport in and around a recently underused Air France 777, was overwhelming! It was exhilarating to watch the traditional runway replaced with Air France’s airplane hangar and models strutting in and out and walking onto the airplane wings. The Fall 2021 collection includes witty accessories like neck-pillow earrings and handbags, paper-plane suitcase charms, and working compass pendants to complement versatile parkas and long trenches perfectly. Considering every aspect of traveling, the collection also comes with flatform boots for easy walking and skinny-fit pants styled with oversized sweats to bear freezing flights with ease and oomph! Additional accessories included capacious handbags, trunk backpacks in every green shade, from darker olive to an electric lime.

Olivier Rousteing said, “I don’t know where we’re going, but I do know that we are going somewhere. The point is not the destination but the actual going—the journey, the leaving, and the escape. Valentin Petit created the spellbinding video, and Rousteing states, “I insisted on pushing the envelope a bit for our Fall 2021 video — because today, as we move forward, we always need to dream big, remain optimistic, and consider all possibilities. So, the moon forms not just a beautiful backdrop for this video, but also a promise — as Balmain looks ahead to the house’s future lunar runways.”

[Via: Vogue]

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