This gorgeous Adidas x Gucci umbrella costs $1300 and it won’t protect you from the rains. But you will look fashionable when soaking wet, guaranteed

We could barely contain our excitement over the coming together of the Adidas trefoil and Gucci’s GG monogram. This collaboration between two unexpected fashion powerhouses has been the talk of the town. Fashionistas and hypebeasts alike gave the nod of approval to Alessandro Michele’s sporty Fall 2022 collaboration. But one specific accessory has stood out from the collection for its sardonic take on sartorial streetwear. The new Adidas x Gucci luxury umbrella should have been the barrier protecting you from the storm. However, it is the accessory that’s causing the storm. The umbrella undoubtedly is one of the most beautiful ones ive ever seen despite that pinching $1,290 price tag. It’s as attractive as any other tennis-inspired polos, sweater vests, skirts, and tracksuits in the collection, complete with its interlocking ‘GG’ monogram and trefoil art, green and red triple stripes. The best part is a birchwood handle carved into the letter G.

Despite all these plus points, the people in China are outraged. Jing Daily reports that internet users in China have been throwing shade at this design shortcoming. The hashtag for “not waterproof collab umbrella sold at 11000 yuan” amassed hundreds of millions of views on Weibo, shared Design Taxi. This beautiful umbrella cannot withstand rain and does absolutely nothing to protect its owner from the rain. The respected brands haven’t fooled anyone, as Gucci’s online store description clearly states, ‘Please note, this item is not waterproof and is meant for sun protection or decorative use.’

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What has enraged shoppers is why couldn’t they make something useful for that exorbitant price. An umbrella that doesn’t protect you from the rain is as futile as bottled air. However, the luxury brand quickly responded and made changes on its official China site. Gucci altered the product name from rain umbrella to simply ‘umbrella.’ For those hollering in the name of usefulness, this is fashion, and being beautiful without necessarily being reasonable is its essence.

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