Gucci’s “backlava jumper” tangled in racism web

An incident revolving around a piece of clothing from Gucci’s “The Fall Winter 2018 runway show” has been labelled as racism. The Italian fashion house recently faced a decent chunk of flak when shoppers protested against the brand’s women jumper which resembled “blackface”. The “balaclava jumper” entails a cut-out at the mouth that is outlined in red.

Indeed, events spiralled rapidly out of control.

Gucci pulled out the piece of clothing from its stores and website, although it is yet available to buy for $890 (£688) on shopping website Spring.
The item’s listing described as being part of “The Fall Winter 2018 runway show” which was “inspired by vintage ski masks”. However, the item is still “Multi-coloured knitted balaclavas walked the runway, adding a mysterious feel to this collection,” the item listing says.

Instantly, Gucci issued an apology “for the offence caused”

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Many people voiced criticism of the jumper’s appearance after images were circulated online and outraged shoppers have threatened to boycott the brand

“Haute Couture Blackface for the millennials???” one person tweeted.

Dolce and Gabbana were also involved in a racism scandal in China only last year; when the brand’s marketing material offended the Chinese.

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