Here’s a look at the exclusive Fendi X Tiffany & Co. sterling silver baguette bag

If you’re an arm candy enthusiast, owning Fendi’s iconic baguette bag must be on your to-do list. And giving you a chance to do that but with twice the style and aplomb is the marquee’s latest collaboration with Tiffany & Co. Together the two have introduced a sterling silver version of the iconic bag that could now be yours! The arm candy has taken over months to craft and is made by a group of Tiffany Makers at the brand’s Rhode Island workshop.

It comes with engraved lilies and roses, which is a subtle homage to the flowers of Italy and New York and weighs 5.2 pounds. Created using a traditional silversmithing technique called “chasing”, the bag’s sterling silver component has further been crafted around the floral pattern instead of forming the shapes before adding any details.

In addition to sterling silver, the capsule also includes Tiffany baguette bags in smooth leather and shiny Croco leather with diamonds, and silk satin embedded. Prices for the bags vary based on their size (medium, nano, and pico) and can be checked out in-store at select Fendi boutiques and on the brand’s official website.

Care to get this one home?

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