Louis Vuitton captures the scents of destinations far and wide in their new fragrance line for men

Louis Vuitton is adding to their fragrance repertoire with a new collection created exclusively for men. The brand has been steadily crafting women’s fragrances for the past couple of years and now it looks like the brand is ready to take their male fans on a fragrance adventure too. The collection includes five scents that were conceptualized by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Nouveau Monde, L’Immensité, Orage, Au Hasard and Sur La Route are the fragrances and as with all things LV, they are inspired by travel.

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Orage which means thunderstorm, features earthy patchouli and mellow iris with the familiar notes of bergamot and distilled Japanese vetiver. Orage is the perfumer’s favorite fragrance of the collection Meanwhile Nouveau Monde (New World) blends cocoa beans from the Ivory Coast with oud and saffron. This fragrance is inspired by 19th- century explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza.

Sur la Route (On the road) mixes zesty Calabrian lemons with woody cedar and Peruvian balsam and finishes the blend with the spiciness of pink peppercorn and nutmeg. Au Hasard which means by chance, uses Sri Lankan sandalwood, ambrette flower seeds and pear to create a scent designed to evoke a thrilling feeling. L’Immensité blends bitter grapefruit and ginger, with labdanum and amber to create a fresh by spicy scent that features a hint of sage and rosemary.

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These fragrances will launch globally on May 31.


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