Would you pay $270 for a Louis Vuitton yoyo?

Regular readers are no strangers to Louis Vuitton’s Art of Gifting collection which we have talked about since its launch earlier this year. The brand has tried to sell us upscale versions of everything from rulers to mouse pads and even pencils. There can only be two possible reaction to anything in this collection, you either like it or you find it infinitely ridiculous. In this instance even die hard LV fans will be left wondering why on earth the company renowned for trunks and accessories decided to create and sell yoyos.

That’s right, yoyos, the little handheld toy you played with for hours when you were little. LV’s version is pink and features one of their monogram motifs on the side, but that’s all there is to it. “Colorful and fun, this Kawaii inspiration gives a psychedelic note to the iconic Monogram floral motif: while the yo-yo yarn unfolds and rewounds, in fact, the colors seem to blend into one another” says the brand website. We can’t even pretend that the description is anything more than a weak attempt to make this yoyo sound interesting.

The yoyo is available on Louis Vuitton’s European e-store for €230 (around $270 at current exchange) alongside items like a €190 top and a €450 teddy bear. The collection may be called the Art of Gifting, but honestly who needs a Louis Vuitton yoyo? Save your money and gift your loved one a pair of sunglasses or a fragrance instead.

[Available at:Louisvuitton]

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