Louis Vuitton to launch Monogrammed Metis in the New Year

With the new year comes new fashion, starting 2013 with Louis Vuitton’s Metis is a great way to ensure that the year is a stylish one. The bag arriving in January 2013 will feature the classic LV monogram and the classic S- lock buckle, usually seen on the brand’s trunks. The New Year will bring bags with more functionality; the Metis can be worn in three different ways, thus proving its versatility. The shape of the bag is similar to that of a semi-structured hobo; what makes this bag interesting, however, is the rectangular envelope pouch on the front. Within the same collection, the brand will also be releasing a variant called Pochette Metis Monogram that will have a much more structured appearance and will lack the hobo slouch. Named Metis after the daughter of Greek Titans Oceanus and Tethys, Metis was considered to be both wise and cunning. Thus by using the name, Louis Vuitton signifies the company’s heritage and the multi-functionality of this innovative bag. Tentatively priced at $1,700, this bag will definitely make a statement.

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