Louis Vuitton’s latest fragrance for women is inspired by the experience of watching a large meteor shower

Louis Vuitton has added a new fragrance called Attrape-Rêves (which means dream-catcher in French) to their line of women’s perfumes. Created by master perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud, the fragrance aims to capture the sense of excitement and euphoria brought on by the pursuit of dreams and adventures.

The captivating fragrance boasts top notes of floral bergamot, sweet lychees, and sharp ginger. These are followed by floral middle notes of peony, African cocoa flower and Turkish rose and base notes of patchouli essence. “Each plays its role without ever overpowering the other,” said Belletrud, “It’s a dialogue between precious ingredients that, in theory, have no reason to cohabit. And yet, on the skin, they converse, interfuse, crepitate and command attention.”

Attrape-Rêves is available as an Eau de Parfum in 100ml ($240) and 200ml ($350) bottles. If you love the fragrance, you can purchase refills at LV stores at a discount. For travel, you can house your fragrance bottle in one of Louis Vuitton’s special travel cases for their fragrance bottles, or purchase the 7.5ml travel-sized edition of the perfume which comes with four magnetic refills ($240).

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