Elevate your game nights with this $24,000 Louis Vuitton Poker chip set

There’s a difference in killing time and passing time. One you enjoy and the other you just don’t. Killing time involves a jaded person doing dull jobs like chores, shopping rounds, etc but passing time, well that’s an art not everyone can master. Those who esteem their time and how they spend it, whether its enhancing hobbies, engaging in passions, or playing engaging indoor games, we got something in store worth fancying. To gracefully and stylishly pass your time, why not invest time and money in a Luxurious Monogram Poker Case by Louis Vuitton? Taking the levels of indoor games several notches higher after releasing their billiards and foosball table they are back to floor poker-lovers with a classy, suitcase-style poker case. Inspired by the classic Président attaché case, it is splendidly built of wood and features a classic monogram base accented by natural cowhide leather trimmings. Gold-tone brass elements, lock-closure, and VVN leather handle make for the eye-catching details as does the striking red microfiber lining with relief for the accompanying full poker set. Louis Vuitton branded cards, matching chips, dice and embossed brass markers complete the elegant set.

Clearly this is not your average poker set which is why it will be costing you a lot more money in comparison. Louis Vuitton Monogram Poker Case will set you back by $24,000 and is available at the official Louis Vuitton website and at select locations.

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[Available at Louis Vuitton]

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