After a swanky foosball table, Louis Vuitton has unveiled a gorgeous monogrammed pool table

Louis Vuitton pool table

Louis Vuitton is on a mission to give the world a chance to become proud owners of all-things-cool! A few weeks ago they made jaws dropped with a very classy made to order LV foosball table that costs more than a Porsche SUV and looks like they are far from done. They’re not gonna leave town without you vending some cash from your banks over their absolutely gorgeous monogram pool table. The pool table was long time coming and looks like a cousin of the fancy foosball table with similar features like being wrapped in the fashion house’s iconic monogram print, world-class, unbeatable craftsmanship, and a very hefty price tag. Another similarity lies in colors and designs; while the foosball table could be done in monogram canvas versions or lively epi leathers, the pool table gives you a selection from monogram eclipse and Damier graphite iterations, as well as leather cyan, fuchsia, navy and pistachio, and caramel and white versions.

Louis Vuitton is also coming out with a range of accessories required for the game the cutest of the lot being the billiard balls painted with flowers of the Monogram pattern, two sets of monogrammed cues, and a stamped triangle. There is no word on pricing yet but we can predict it will certainly cost more than $50,000 as its predecessor, the foosball table also started at $75,500.

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[Via: Hypebeast]

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